Manscaping South of the Border

The word is out: going hairless isn't just for the ladies these days – a growing number of guys are headed to waxing salons for things like facial waxing, leg or butt waxing or a chest wax. Some guys are even going for smooth scrotums, referred to as a male bikini wax, a male Brazilian, a Manzilian, a Brozilian or a Boyzilian. But is all that manscaping worth the trouble? Is it macho?

"Maybe" is OK But then, be adventurous. That's more macho than sitting out. You could even call "all bare" a bucket list entry. It's really just looking and feeling hot.

Think, first, about something simple: the eyebrow wax. It was long the domain of girls' beauty salons, but this brow wax is now the norm for men of all political stripes, sexual orientations and ages. Well-shaped and trimmed eyebrows can make you more handsome, and the waxed man brow is attractive to ladies.

Now for the nose hairs and ear fur. As guys get older, they grow thicker and denser hair. When it's coming out of your noses and ears, you might look like Bigfoot. Or homeless. Get your unwanted face hair into place with ear or nose waxing, or tempt fate with tweezers and trimmers. For a look that lasts and doesn't get itchy, go for the wax.

Know, this, though: skip waxing the facial cheeks and chin! This manly hair is very thick like fur. You don't want to shred your skin. You should probably instead stick to a regular shave or try a trip to the barber. Sometimes you can find wax salons that perform the perfect shave.

Body hair has a new reputation. Now, how you banish the hair and it's shape are more relevant, or so say the expert aestheticians at full body wax west jordan, ut.

Now, let's head south for a moment. To find the hottest examples, head to So. Cal. Leading men have grooming methods such as waxing the hip flexors to look more trim while leaving tummy hair to make the abs. To show off the most toned muscles, the movie stars go all bare.

If you haven't ever tried waxing, you should. It's not really too painful. The no-hair look could just be that bucket list item that you, or your partner, will go for more than once.