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Our individual approach to investment planning is more advantageous than a one-plan-fits-most method.

Dustin Burnett

Ascend Life Insurance Director

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Tyler Olson

Ascend Investment Management Director

About the Company

The financial advisors at Ascend Investment Management, Dustin Burnett and Tyler Olson, are both well-versed advisors with different yet complementary backgrounds in finance and nearly 20 years’ combined experience. We take a customized approach to investment planning that takes into account your unique goals and circumstances. We’re different from other firms because we offer comprehensive wealth management, sometimes known as a family office strategy, for individuals of varying income levels. In addition to establishing a solid financial framework, we provide continuous account performance reviews and periodic adjustments as needed. It’s important to have the right guidance as your investments become more sophisticated in order to ensure that you can handle the volatility of the market and continue increasing your returns.

At Ascend Investment Management, we specialize in designing lower risk, diversified portfolios that yield higher returns, which include investments in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We’re constantly in tune with market fluctuations, trends and industry best practices to maintain the highest standards possible. Our firm is known for our commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency in all of our transactions, because a mutually beneficial client relationship is what we value. When you meet with us, expect a thoughtful discussion and straightforward advice that’ll help you achieve a successful financial future.