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Even when retirement is a long way down the road, you should still do what you can plan for it effectively. Preparing yourself for the future is a smart idea. The more you prepare, the more you can take advantage of a retirement plan. So, what is a good investment option to prepare you for retirement? One thing people invest in are annuities, because they are excellent investment options. With Ascend Investment Management, our financial advisors can help you better understand annuities so that you can plan for your future.

Ascend Investment Management is a local financial planning firm that specializes in a lot of different financial services throughout the Wasatch Front, including in Orem, UT. We understand how important it is for people to get reliable financial guidance. This is why our experts will take the time to explain things and educate you on each and every annuity option. We want you to find annuities that are worth investing in. Everyone has different goals, and that is why an expert financial advisor on your side is worth having.

How Annuities Help with Retirement

Annuities are purchased through insurance companies and they are tax deferred. These are great solutions when it comes to building your retirement portfolio. The reason why is that annuities provide you with a steady income over time. When you do purchase an annuity, the initial purchase is going to be the investment itself. Since annuities are products that grow over time, the payouts typically won’t occur until a future date. The income that you get out of annuities can happen annually, quarterly, monthly, or even all at once in a lump sum.

If you’re starting to build a retirement plan in Orem, UT, then it’s a smart idea to not make yourself completely dependent on one source of income. Having income from more than one source is crucial to retirement. The market shifts, so you’ll want as many resources as possible. Ascend Investment Management can help you explore different ways of diversifying your investments with a managed annuities investment account. We can help you create a better retirement portfolio. So, if you want to prepare for a better, stable financial future in Orem, UT, then our team is here to help out.

Types of Annuities for Retirement Investments

When it comes to annuities, there are four main types. To better understand this, Ascend Investment Management is available to help you find the right ones that will best suit your financial goals. As financial experts, we do things in a consultative manner so that we can better understand where your starting point is and where you’d like to see yourself through your financial endeavors. We’ll discuss your options and take care of the purchase process once you’ve figured out which annuities will fit into your financial goals. Ascend Investment Management is here to help you make the best investment decisions for your future.

The four main types of annuities are:

  • Deferred annuities- With a deferred annuity, money will get invested over a period of time. Through this kind of annuity, your investment will grow until you are ready to withdraw from the principal. Who will benefit from a deferred annuity? Just about anyone. If you have the time to let the principal grow and mature, you’ll be able to take advantage of a deferred annuity.
  • Fixed annuities – An option that offers some security is a fixed annuity. Fixed annuities are perfect for people who want the security of getting a predetermined amount of money as a return on their investment. Taxes will be paid once you withdraw your earnings or when your contract is annuitized for monthly payments. Despite how the market is performing, your payout will be the same month to month. This is why a fixed annuity is a safe option.
  • Immediate annuities – Like the name suggests, immediate annuities will give you a return shortly after you’ve made your investment. That also means that the growth period is shorter. What’s the main reason to think about an immediate annuity? An immediate annuity could be beneficial for someone who has a lump sum of money that they want to invest. Since the growth period is shorter, an immediate annuity can be perfect for those who are already getting ready for retirement and who want a return as quickly as possible.
  • Variable annuities – If you’re more interested in picking and choosing from various investment options, then a variable annuity will allow you to do so. The returns you get will be based on how the investments you made perform. Any changes to the market can also have an impact on your payout. Even though variable annuities come with more risk, it also means a higher payout is possible too.

We’re Here To Help With Investment Management

Ascend Investment Management is available to provide residents throughout Orem, UT, with reliable financial guidance. Our top priority is to help you build a solid portfolio for your future. We are a local investment firm, and we know what it takes to provide for your family and to retire in Orem. If you’re interested in investing in annuities to build a better financial future, then you can look to Ascend Investment Management. Give us a call today at (801) 386-5311 to schedule an appointment.

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