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Annuity investments are meant to help you strategically plan to have a comfortable retirement. At Ascend Investment Management, we manage investments like these for clients in Provo, UT, so they can make the most of their savings. Diversify your portfolio with annuities that offer a guaranteed income once the annuitization phase begins. Choose a retirement investment approach that is most beneficial for reaching your financial goals. Consult with an advisor to learn about how taxes affect this plan, and how to withdraw from the account in the future. We will give you peace of mind knowing your savings are steadily growing and will be waiting for you when you need it.

What Are Annuity Investments?

We manage annuity investment accounts, which are tax deferred and low risk options that don’t fluctuate with the market. These annuity plans are sold by insurance companies and managed by the individual or by experienced financial advisors like the ones at Ascend Investment Management. We have years of experience assisting clients with their retirement strategies and tailoring financial solutions to meet their needs.

If you’re nervous about outliving the nest egg that you’ve saved up, annuities are a smart choice. In essence, annuities will allow you to make a one-time investment or pay into it over time. You can expect your account to grow over the years and give you a return on investment that you can withdraw in retirement. You can select how much you pay total, the amount you receive for single payments, and how often you get your income.

What Types of Annuities Are There?

There are different kinds of annuity investments that could work for your retirement goals, so it always helps to talk to a financial advisor about which one is best for you. You will be able to depend on these accounts when you retire and need to withdraw from them as regular income. Although there are different types of annuities, they basically perform the same function with some minor nuances. One of the main differences is in how much you pay into it over the years, which directly impacts how much you’ll be paid out later.

These are some of the options you have

Deferred Annuities

Deferred annuities refer to accounts in which money is invested over the long term. Once the investment has grown and reaches the annuitization phase, you can withdraw the principal amount.

Immediate Annuities

Immediate annuities lock in an income stream for the remainder of your retirement or specified time period, so you don’t need to be nervous about saving for bills. They frequently generate larger payments than you’d receive from more conventional investments. It’s also tax deferred, meaning you’re not required to handle taxes on any growth until the full amount is withdrawn.

Fixed Annuities

For a more secure option, fixed annuities are a great choice because they pay out a predetermined amount every month regardless of market conditions. When your contract is annuitized, you’ll pay taxes on earnings that are withdrawn on a monthly basis.

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities are more flexible and allow you to hold onto buying power using a variety of specialized portfolios. They offer various investment options, and market changes can affect your payout amount, so they’re riskier with a higher return as well.

Dependable Investment Management Professionals

                There are multiple selections for people wondering what retirement investments they should make. With Ascend Investment Management, you can have a managed annuity investment account that works best for you. We will help you sign off on the most beneficial decision for you and your spouse’s future. We work alongside insurance companies to establish the ideal scenario for our Provo, UT, clients. This lets us locate the most suitable annuities  for your retirement goal.

If you’re curious about our investment management services, get in contact with our professional team today. We’re available to meet with you in a confidential consultation to discuss our goals and provide you with solid fiscal advice. We will link you to the best insurance companies and help you through the process of making an annuity investment. Call us now and allow one of our knowledgeable financial specialists to start a path to retirement today.

Learn More About Retirement Investment Strategies

Learn more about the different types of annuities available to you, so you can choose whether you prefer a variable or fixed annuity account. Our financial planners will get to know what your lifestyle is and what will be important to you in retirement, so we can help you save wisely. We will help you invest your savings in an annuities investment account that is the most beneficial option for you. At Ascend Investment Management, we help clients in the Provo, UT, area who want to diversify their investment portfolio and get the most from their savings. Reach out to us today at (801) 386-5311 for a consultation and let us manage your annuities investment plan.

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