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Retirement investments are a crucial component of planning for your financial future. Regardless of when you’re planning on retiring, building your wealth can start as soon as now. If retirement is a long way off, you have more time to build financial stability through managed annuity investments. Annuities are an excellent investment option that offers diversity in any retirement plan. If you live in Salt Lake City and need the services of a professional investment firm, contact Ascend Investment Management. Our financial advisors will help you with managed annuities investment accounts and planning for your retirement. Ascend Investment Management is a local financial planning firm specializing in various services.

Everyone has different financial goals, so it’s essential to receive retirement investment advice relevant to you. Ascend Investment Management’s team takes the time to learn about your economic aspirations and develops an investment strategy that includes annuities and makes sense. We will help you achieve what you want.

What Are Annuity Investments?

The best retirement plans are those that are well-diversified. Annuity investments and managed annuity investment accounts are excellent options to diversify your funds. Annuities are long-term investments paid into at regular intervals and available for purchase through insurance companies. When you do buy an annuity, the initial purchase is the investment itself. Managed annuity investment accounts are tax deferrable and generate monetary growth over time. Prolonged growth means payout won’t happen until a future pre-established date ensures the annuity has time to mature. This long-term growth makes annuities an excellent option for retirement investment portfolios. In addition, retirement investment annuities have a few deliverable options, so they pay a steady income over time either annually, quarterly, monthly, or in a lump sum all at once.

A robust and diverse retirement plan requires multiple sources of income to ensure years of financial growth. Multiple investments provide maximum growth as the market shifts and your life changes. Preparing for a stable financial future with more options and opportunities for growth and significant returns on your investments is as simple as turning to Salt Lake City’s top-rated investment advisors, Ascend Investment Management. We will help you find better ways to diversify your investments and build a better retirement portfolio with a managed annuities investment account.

Managed Annuities Investments Account

Ascend Investment Management is your local team of investment advisors. Our team in Salt Lake City, UT, is dedicated to helping you plan your retirement, no matter your stage of life. As you are looking for a broader range of investments to build a sound and secure retirement on, managed annuity accounts allow you to grow and diversify your retirement and have more control of your financial future. There are four primary types of annuities, and the financial advisors with Ascend Investment Management can find those that will work best for your retirement goals. Our consultative approach ensures we have an in-depth understanding of your starting point as well as what you would like to achieve. We discuss your options with you and take care of investing once you’ve decided which retirement annuities investments will suit your goals best.

The four main types of annuities are:

  • Deferred annuities- Money is invested over time with a deferred annuity. With this type of annuity, your investment will grow until you are ready to withdraw from the principal—those who have the time to let the principal grow and mature benefit from a deferred annuity.
  • Fixed annuities – Fixed annuities are great for people who want the security of receiving a predetermined amount as a return on their investment. You pay taxes when you withdraw your earnings or when your contract is annuitized for monthly payments. Regardless of how the market is doing, your payout will be the same month to month.
  • Immediate annuities – As the name suggests, immediate annuities payout shortly after you’ve made your investment, which also means there’s a shorter growth period. An immediate annuity is suitable for someone who has a lump sum of money to invest without dividing up the principal. Because the growth period is shorter, an immediate annuity can be suitable for those getting ready for retirement who want to get payouts as quickly as possible.
  • Variable annuities – If you want to pick and choose from various investments, then a variable annuity allows you to do so. The performance of the investments you have selected determines the return. Any changes to the market can also affect what your payout will be. Even though variable annuities come with more risk, it also means a higher return is possible too.

Who Can Help Me With Investment Management?

If you live in Salt Lake City, UT, and you’re interested in investing in annuities to build a better financial future, then you can rely on Ascend Investment Management. Because there is so much information about retirement investing, we recommend contacting our office by calling 801-386-5311 today. We will schedule an appointment to review this information in more detail and provide you with various options that will fit your needs and help you achieve a sound financial future. We are one of the Wasatch Front’s leading financial planning firms that work closely with residents of Salt Lake and those in other areas of the Wasatch Front. We are your local investment planning firm.

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