Fixed Annuities in Utah County

Annuities are an excellent investment option and can help you build a more robust retirement strategy

Although it might be a long way away, fixed annuities can help you invest wisely and plan for retirement. Ascend Investment Management is a financial planning firm that provides an array of services in Utah County and lets you take advantage of annuities as an excellent investment option. We understand how important your investment is, so we clearly explain your options to find ones that best suit your retirement portfolio. Residents of Highland, Alpine and Mapleton can all take advantage of our detailed investment services and feel confident in their retirement strategies.

Annuities are purchased through an insurance company, are tax deferrable and pay a steady income over time. It takes time to receive payouts, but when it does, the income you receive can be distributed annually, quarterly, monthly or all at once in a lump sum. When you’re building your retirement portfolio, you should invest in multiple sources of income because it’s a good way to keep building income as the market shifts. We help customers diversify investments with annuities and prepare for a stable financial future, whether they’re in Eagle Mountain, Salem or Provo. 

What Are Fixed Annuities?

Annuities are a tax-deferrable, long-term growth product that is purchased through an insurance company. Fixed annuities provide a predetermined amount of money as a return without risking any of the principal and the monthly payout is the same regardless of market performance. Taxes are paid when the earnings are withdrawn or when the contract is annuitized for monthly payments. There are four main types of annuities, and the team from Ascend Investment Management in Utah County can help you find the type that works best for your financial future. From Woodland Hills and Vineyard to Cedar Hills and Lindon, UT, we offer retirement solutions to everyone across the Wasatch Front. We take a consultative approach to better understand where you’re starting from to create a path to fit your long-term goals.

Your options include the following:

  • Deferred annuities – With a deferred annuity, money will be invested over a period of time and will grow until you’re ready to withdraw from the principal. Deferred annuities are beneficial for individuals who have the time to let the principal amount grow and mature.
  • Immediate annuities – Immediate annuities have a short growth period, and the payout happens shortly after your investment, which is beneficial if you’re nearing retirement and want to get payments shortly after their investment.
  • Fixed annuities – Fixed annuities are a more secure option that are good for people who want to receive a predetermined amount as a return on investment and consistent monthly payouts no matter the market conditions. You’ll pay taxes when your earnings are withdrawn or when your contract is annuitized for monthly payments.
  • Variable annuities – Variable annuities provide you with the option to choose from various investments, and their performance will determine the returns you receive. Changes in the market can affect what your payout will be, so there’s more risk but there’s also the chance of a higher return.

Contact Us About Your Annuity Options

Ascend Investment Management proudly provides sound financial planning advice for residents of Utah County, including residents of Fairfield, Elk Ridge, Lehi and Saratoga Springs. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, so you can count on us to provide you with a robust and well-rounded portfolio. As annuity investment specialists, we’ll offer sound financial advice and help you select the best options for your retirement goals. We’re a local investment firm and we understand what it takes to provide for your family and to retire in Utah. If you’re interested in investing in fixed annuities to build a better financial future, then you can count on Ascend Investment Management. Give us a call today at (801) 386-5311 to schedule an appointment.

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