Life Insurance Policies for Residents of Herriman, UT

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Life insurance is both a safety net for now and a financial investment to see you into the future. Understanding the differences between insurances and figuring out what you want is crucial when investing in an insurance policy. To learn more about the different life insurance policies, contact the professionals with Ascend Investment Management. Our life insurance specialists who service the Herriman area are available to review your options about the different types of insurance available to you and help you carefully find one that will fit your needs. Ascend Investment Management is more than a life insurance company – we are an investment firm that can help you establish and grow your nest egg through various services.

Get the Best Life Insurance Policy

Did you know that life insurance is worth the investment? Yes, and life insurance is something you want to purchase if you have any financial dependents. Your age, combined with your health, are significant factors that an insurance company reviews when evaluating policy eligibility and the cost of the policy. The younger you are, the better chance you have to purchase a life insurance policy, because pricing is typically lower, and you are theoretically healthier. The financial advisors with Ascend Investment Management can help those of you residing in Herriman, UT, find an affordable life insurance policy that includes what you feel is essential.

If you have been looking into different policies and are unclear about what types of insurance are available or want to know more about your options, we are the team to call for a life insurance quote. Life insurance is a basic contract between a policyholder and an insurance company. Insurance companies create policies with inclusions and provisions designed to provide a level of protection or compensation in the event of a death. The policyholder regularly pays a pre-specified amount of money towards the insurance policy called a premium. In contrast, the insurance company agrees to pay a designated amount of money to the beneficiary of the life insurance policy under certain pre-set circumstances, typically upon the insured person’s death.

Term Life Insurance

The professionals at Ascend Investment Management can help you find a term policy at a great rate. As the name signifies, term life insurance is for a set period or a term. Policy coverage is established when you sign the policy and has a fixed premium paid overtime. When the term expires and the premiums stop, so does the coverage, meaning the insured party will no longer have coverage. A new policy is an option; however, the policyholder forfeits the amount of money previously paid into the term life insurance policy.

Permanent Life Insurance for Residents of Herriman

A permanent life insurance policy is a financial investment and life insurance because it accrues a cash value that is accessible for use by the policyholder when the policy matures. Ascend Investment Management will help you find permanent life insurance if this is the option that is best for you. Permanent life insurance provides death benefit coverage for the life of the person named in the policy. The accrued funds from permanent life insurance can be a source of income and used during retirement or emergency savings. Whole life insurance and index universal life insurance, or IULs, are two popular types of permanent life insurance available through Ascend Investment Management near Herriman.

  • Whole Life Insurance – Whole Life Insurance is a policy that remains intact for the insured party’s lifetime as long as the premiums are current. The funds are used according to the provisions in the policy. The benefits pay out upon the death of the policyholder. Ascend Investment Management can find a whole life policy that meets the needs you require and review the details with you. Our team near the Herriman, UT, area provides just what you need to make an informed choice.
  • IULs – Indexed Universal Life insurance policies or IULs are a more flexible type of insurance with many benefits. An IUL functions as a retirement-income vehicle because the earning potential and the financial equity index are tied together. Because they are complex and have some associated risks, we recommend working with our professional advisors. Ascend Investment Management is available to review indexed universal life insurance with you today.

Contact Us About Life Insurance

Financial freedom with the ability to retire are mile markers many people strive for, yet do not have the expertise necessary to create a plan they can execute easily. Additionally, it’s challenging to know what investments will achieve your goals. If you live in the Herriman, UT, area, and are ready to start on the path of fiscal responsibility, contact Ascend Investment Management. Our team of advisors has the knowledge and experience to invest your capital wisely.

It’s best to contact Ascend Investment Management for help selecting a life insurance policy, so you have the most up-to-date and accurate information, as well as a tailored plan designed to match your retirement and savings strategies. We will schedule an appointment to review information about life insurance policies in more detail. As a premier financial planning firm in Utah, we work closely with residents of Herriman, UT. We are your local investment planning firm. Call us at 801-386-5311 today.