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Take the guess-work out of investing with Managed Brokerage Accounts from Ascend Investment management.

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A managed brokerage account is an investment account owned by one or more investors and supervised by a financial advisor or separate professional money manager. Ascend Investment Management provides advisory services throughout the Salt Lake City area. Our financial advisory strategists specialize in a variety of investment options including managed broker accounts. Look to our team for all the retirement and investment assistance you need. We invite you to schedule time for us to review your options and rates.

What is a Managed Investment Account?

Managed investment accounts are investment accounts that are owned by either an institutional investor, an individual or retail investor. A professional money manager, or broker, is hired by the investor to oversee, manage, and direct the investment decisions in the account. The advisor is a dedicated account manager with discretionary authority over the account and actively makes investment decisions pertinent to the client’s needs, including; the goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and objectives of the investor.

How a Managed Account Works with Ascend Investment Management

Managed accounts may contain a variety of investment options, cash, stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. Ascend Investment Management manages, or works with our investment advisors, who have the experience to buy and sell assets according to our clients’ objectives to grow and maintain their wealth. Because managed accounts require our clients to give us the authority to manage their accounts, we are able to immediately act in their best interest. This means we don’t lose out on potentially valuable investment opportunities waiting for an approval to act. Our managed accounts involve fiduciary duties, so you can rest assured that the team with Ascend Investment Management takes our responsibilities seriously and will always act in the best interest of each client. We provide regular follow up and account reviews to discuss the account’s performance and holdings to ensure that we are continuously acting in your best interests.

Managed accounts through Ascend Investment Management may hold many benefits for the high net-worth investor. We gear customized managed accounts to address the account holder’s needs to be mindful of potential tax-liabilities and, where appropriate, strive to minimize the taxable impact of our portfolio decisions on our clients. Managed account holders have maximum transparency and control over their assets. Because market conditions are ever-changing, Ascend Investment Management and the money managers we work with have systems in place to ensure timely execution of trades placed within client accounts. We strive, with our experience, to identify and capitalize on the shifts in the market in order to provide quality service to our clients and their managed accounts.

Our Account Management Services

Managed brokerage accounts are a highly personalized investment portfolio that is fully customized to accommodate the specific risk tolerance, goals, and needs of you, the account owner. We consult with the investor to allocate funds and manage the purchases and placement of the security shares into the account portfolio. You maintain ownership of the account, securities, and returns while authorizing to trade them as we see areas of opportunity or as you desire. At Ascend Investment Management, our professionals strive to guide and manage your account to the best advantage possible. Where possible, we aim to minimize tax liability by offsetting gains with possible losses by buying and selling assets that capture these losses in the account – commonly referred to as tax-loss harvesting. We always search for options to benefit and bring the most value to our clients.

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