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What is a Personal Choice Retirement Account®?

A Schwab PCRA is an option within your employer-sponsored retirement plan. A PCRA lets you invest in a much wider range of investments in addition to the typical offerings from most retirement plans. Self-directed brokerage accounts are an excellent investment opportunity for retirement because they offer more than preselected investment choices with limited options. A Personal Choice Retirement Account®, or PCRA from Schwab, is a flexible account which provides the owner with more control over retirement accounts. At Ascend Investment Management in Salt Lake, our self-directed option is designed to seamlessly fit into any plan a company offers its employees. In addition, there is the possibility to digitally roll over into a Personal Choice Retirement Account®, which is backed by a dedicated team of PCRA specialists.

Take Control of Your Retirement with Expert Help

A PCRA is created to be flexible while keeping the best options available for your employees. This retirement strategy allows you, the employer, to keep choices wide open or restrict an employees’ access to specific lines of trading. With this choice from Schwab, Ascend Investment Management offers choices across a range of asset classifications, including stocks and bonds, mutual funds, fixed income products and more. Your retirement plan provider must offer PCRA as part of your retirement package in order for you to open an account. Your employer can choose the investment options included in the PCRA, but you determine how much of your money to transfer from your retirement plan and invest in your new PCRA. In addition, you are able to invest your PCRA assets in any type of investment allowed by your retirement plan. Ascend Investment Management is your appointed independent team of investment advisors. Our team in Salt Lake is dedicated to helping you plan for your retirement, no matter what stage of life you are in. As you are seeking a broader range of investments to build a sound and secure retirement on, a Schwab PCRA plan allows you to steer your retirement and have more control of your financial future.

Contact Ascend Investment Management About PCRA Options 

With more investment choices to select from, a PCRA has thousands of investments available depending on what your current place of employment’s retirement plan allows. To learn more, reach out to Salt Lake’s leading retirement advisory firm, Ascend Investment management, where our AIM is to ensure you’re ready to retire when you want to!