Ascend Investment Management

Our professional advisors share beneficial investment guidance that will help meet your individual needs and reach your long-term financial goals.

Why Choose Ascend for Wealth Management?

Set yourself up for success with trusted financial advisors who can help you plan for a bright financial future. The professionals at Ascend have nearly 20 years’ combined experience to draw from and stay up on the latest industry trends to better advise you. Because of our diverse professional backgrounds, we understand the importance of relating to and empathizing with our clients’ goals and needs. Some firms might provide predetermined recommendations and one-size-fits-all answers. However, we believe in starting with an individual evaluation to understand your unique circumstance and ensure that we can provide personalized solutions for your investment, savings and retirement goals.

Dustin Burnett and Tyler Olson are the financial advisors at Ascend, and they’re always in search of beneficial options that’ll offer the most value to our customers. We adhere to a high degree of integrity and honesty in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship that is free of loopholes or other questionable agreements. When you meet with our proficient advisors, you can expect straightforward interactions and reliable guidance, even through the most difficult situations. Schedule a consultation with our professional financial advisors for investment market information, account performance reviews and transparent fees.